Heart On Fire Screensaver

Heart On Fire Screensaver

Feel romantic with a silky smooth burning heart on your desktop

Love! Don't you love being in love? Think about one single image that can remind you about that great feeling. Think about something really romantic that can make you remember your loved one at any time.

Heart On Fire Screensaver brings a heart on flame to your computer's desktop.

This beautiful and unique screensaver shouts the word "LOVE"" as soon as it turns on in your computer.

It will provide all the feeling of love you need to forget about your daily troubles.
This screensaver is the perfect answer for those of you who want to feel great and revitalized while you are working at the office or at home.

It will provide a very comfortable atmosphere that will stir all your feelings deep inside.

Heart On Fire Screensaver includes a music player, too. You will be able to play your favorite tunes and change them whenever you want. This way you will not only see, but also hear all the elements that will remind you of that wonderful feeling, and of that special person in your life.

The load on your computer is very small. You will not have to worry about having a slow computer or low resources.

It will only make you worry about going back to work even though your heart wants to be somewhere else.

Fernando Soni
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  • A beautiful picture
  • An interesting pulsating effect


  • Only one scene
  • Can be boring
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